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The Return of Mumbles - Back to Back Games at Fenway

Thursday’s game featured a walk off home run by Ortiz, so how do you top that? How about a game against the Angels featuring the return of Orlando Cabrera? Maybe, but is that a good enough reason to shell out over $100 per seat? How about if you had no clue about where the tickets might be? You bet it is, cuz we were curious! We had an inside track with a relative that worked some magic and got us seats on the Right Field Roof! But wait there’s more - these tickets belong to the Chief Operating Officer of the Sox! Sweeeeeet.

It was odd to hear the usher say, “Whoa!! Where did you get these tickets!?!” as he led us to our table. Turns out Mike Dee’s seats are in the first row corner of the right field roof. These seats make a game at Fenway feel more like a movie at the Omni theater. Fly balls at eye level - whoa! These seats also have the bonus of coming with a food credit, and while we ate well, the beer options were limited to Bud and it’s sick cousin B-Light. Mumbles got us again because we couldn’t even burn thru our booze credit.

Oh yeah, there was also an exquisite sunset and a game - Johnny Damon played the role of late game savior. It was great and from the “best table in the house” according to our usher - The Red Seat lived very large for one night. Thanks again Mumbles, we’ll be back soon.

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