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Wicked HOT!

Here’s the thing. It’s been a week or so since we’ve updated Soapbox and with good reason. It’s been hot. Africa hot with a big dollup of Louisiana humidity to render us more zonked out than Jeff Spicoli on a good day. We watched the Cubs with mild interest, and were roused from our stupor briefly by Mirabelli running past 2nd base and getting tagged out. Is there anyone else out there whose first, gut reaction was to scream at the TV, “GODDAMN IT, MILLAR!! WTF?!?”? Until the weather breaks it’s Millar’s fault.

Last night’s game was an episode of the Outer Limits featuring: cute Ballgirl being served a facial, the Jerry, Orsizzle, Mike Dee (caretaker of our Right Field table), Tom Werner and Wally show, a catcher throwing to the pitcher for an error, and the Cincinnati outfield either on roofies or borrowed from the Bad News Bears. Late innings were the baseball equivalent of garbage time, but still good. So good, in fact, that we missed “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Six Feet Under”! TiVo’s gonna save us on the SFU front, but does anyone know what happened on “Hell’s Kitchen”? Who’s apron was impaled?

In other news, a big shout out goes to Beth! Big ups for sporting “Anticipation Nation” to your sister’s graduation! That’s dedication, baby.

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