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Let’s Go Mets!

You’re not going to believe what we did last night - with a Red Sox game on, we at The Red Seat HQ opted for alternate programming. Why? Three reasons, the HD broadcast was spotty at best for some reason (Comcast. grrrrr.) and partly because the lifeless Philly’s were done after the 2nd inning thanks to the resurgence of Mr. Flutterball. But the main reason that we wandered away from our beloved home team is that we had bona fide Yankee fans hanging with us to watch the Bombers and Mets clash in the Bronx.

Our poor Yankee friends had to endure yet another defeat but this seemed especially cruel as there is so little to like about this edition of the Yankees. Our friends talked about “The Team” but mostly in regards to what they lacked individually and as a group, with far too many sullen supah-dupah-stars and not enough players on the roster like in the Dynasty days of yore.

The game itself was entertaining with a good crowd and the return of Pedro. At one point the game was 5-2 in the late innings. A close game by any standard, but the Yankee “faithful” were heading to the exits with cheers of “Let’s go Mets” reverberating down their hallowed halls. Amazing!

You would think a $200 million payroll would prevent that sort a thing. Guess not.

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