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They always win.

As I mentioned a couple days ago, the Red Sox always win when we go to the games. Can’t explain it, they just do. Since we were there in the sticky, heavy heat yesterday, they did it again. You’re welcome! Unfortunately, we are ticketless for the rest of the season. But yesterday wasn’t really so much about the game. We’re thrilled they won, but there were other things going on that made it a super memorable day. Read on.

Fenway was downright nasty, it’s not that it was scorchingly hot, it was just a big bowl of sweaty humans in stale air. We needed to keep moving and since we had Standing Room Only tickets again - “our” special Right Field Roof seats were occupied. DAMN! - that was not a problem. We journeyed all over the park. We started in the extreme Left Field area right by the Monster seats, headed down to the newish Third Base concourse and over to the new First Base Deck. If you get there early enough and park yourself at the railing, that’s a great place to watch the game. Then we headed down to the Bleacher concourse. Ice cream time. Chris was in line and ran into a guy with impeccable fashion sense! His shirt was amazing. I’ve gotta get me one of them. Anyway, also hanging out were the Dunkin Dugout kids who were taking a little break.

We eventually made our way back to left field during the 8th Inning (So Good! So Good! So Good!) and heard over the PA that the World Series rings would be on the warning track after the game. So as “Dirty Water” played after the game, and on our way to the field, we had to check out our namesake, the REAL red seat. That was some dinger that Teddy hit cuz man is that seat FAR AWAY. Seriously. It’s really far.

We then somehow managed to finagle ourselves into one of the first groups heading onto the field. If you’ve ever been on the field, you know what a spectacle it is. There were hundreds of people taking photos of themselves in front of the wall, touching the wall, touching the dirt (which by the way, is much the same consistency as the yummy, chocolatey, crunchy filling in Carvel ice cream cakes. Only much crunchier, super dry and not so yummy. I’m only guessing about the not yummy part. Sorta.) and generally looking around with huge awestruck, dumbfounded grins.

As we made our way around the track, there was a crowd gathered by the visiting team dugout. We assumed that’s where the rings were, so headed on over. The rings were definitely there, but as we got closer, I noticed that the guy showing off the rings was Larry Lucchino, himself! He was signing autographs and chatting people up, having a grand old time.

I went right up to him. “Mr. Lucchino. We’re The Red Seat”. We’ve been incessantly sending him stuff for over a year now and we heard through the grapevine that he actually gets our stuff and likes it, so I figured he might know who we were. He looked at me, grinned and said, “You sat at the red seat today?” “No. We ARE The Red Seat” “Oh! I love your stuff. Very creative!” Chris then asked if he could take a photo and Larry - we call him Larry - put his arm around me and told Chris to “make sure you get the ring in!”

So, there you have it, folks. The Red Seat - Red Sox Nation tested. Larry approved. I wonder if our new buddy, Larry can hook us up with some more tickets? I’ll have to make some calls.

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