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The 4th

This blog entry will not mention suspect pitching or ninth inning disaster scenarios, not today because there was a grand celebration in Boston and nothing coming out of Texas last night can compare. With the Pops, the esplanade and a dazzling fireworks display over the Charles between Boston and Cambridge, the bases were covered (sorry about the lame baseball metaphor) for America year 229.

Sadly, we did not head out to witness the show in person - The Red Seat stayed back at HQ and switched back and forth (Arlington/Boston) to take in large chunks of the festivities and in the process make an observation or two.

First observation, Keith Lockhart needs some lessons in how to hold a microphone. We will never tell the man how to wave his baton but could that have been any more disturbing? Let’s just say he must be super confident in his sexuality. And how about the event MC’s and talent - was that the A team? Poor Jann Carl, how many “Woo-hoos” must one offer to let the crowd know they’re in for a good time? So many in fact that I thought she might drive up on stage behind the wheel of the General Lee. On second thought, maybe she just gets off on America.

One request - can we broadcast this deal in HD next year please? If not, you’re going to compel us to leave the comfy confines of home. Actually, we’ll see you out there next year, it’s important for reasons greater than just the eye candy.

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