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My Name is Craig…

The Red Seat was on KISS 108 with Matt Siegel (aka “Matty in the Morning”) on Friday morning and if you missed it, we’ll try to post an audio track soon. We have no memory of what we said, so we’re interested in hearing what we sound like and if we sucked as bad as we thought we might. Interesting tidbit about the KISS 108 broadcast booth - not so big. Matt, however is a big guy and he’s behind what can only be described as a big bar. We, as his patrons, sat on our stools, waited for our drinks (which, sadly, never came) and had what can only be described as the worlds largest microphones about 3 inches from our faces. All this and an interview by 7:45am. 10 minutes later and out of the studio we went. Unbeknownst to us, we had just become Friday morning quasi-celebrities, enjoying our allotted 15 minutes of fame.

Fact: Matty has a big audience and if he likes something like The Red Seat (as he stated repeatedly on the show - Thanks Matt, you rock!), his audience listens. This is Matt’s real big glossy:

Matty is The Man

Fiction: My name is Craig. Actually, no - it’s Chris.

At least my name used to be Chris but since Matty dubbed me with the new moniker it looks like it may stick around for a while. Hopefully, this indignity made for good radio. My friends and family love it as proven by their repeated use of the new name, followed by endless giggling.

Thanks, Matty!
Craig and Emily

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