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Hot Stove, Cool Music: The Fenway Park Sessions

The Red Seat has been busy the last few days. Thursday saw our return from a brief vacation and then down to Fenway from the 8th inning on, to spread some cheer after the Schilling debacle. Friday morning had us on the radio with Matty (see “My Name is Craig” below) and back down to Kenmore Square that night for a little meeting, greeting and selling. Saturday, we were back at Fenway yet again, but this time we were at the Hot Stove Cool Music concert. Yesterday we rested and watched the Sox push Mariano around in the 9th but come up just short. FYI - Cora was safe!

If you didn’t get a chance to take in the Hot Stove show on Saturday night click here for some pics. We don’t do music reviews but we can say that the following rocked quite expertly: Buffalo Tom (Chris, thanks for donning a Red Seat shirt!) with Theo Epstein, Kay Hanley and H-Man’s fave, Peter Gammons and the Hot Stove All Stars with special guests, Tim Wakefied and Bill Janovitz of Buffalo Tom. Other notable performances: Bronson Arroyo, Juliana Hatfield (looking and sounding good) and The Gentlemen. We had to leave before Fountains of Wayne took the stage which was a shame because we’re big fans - the ice cream, M&M’s and dancing proved to be a powerful cocktail for H. It would have been nice to see a Boston band reunion done Live8 style (anyone else for the addition of The Lemonheads?) but the night was filled with plenty of good tunes, happy people and some deep, deep pockets donating big dough to Theo’s new charity.

As we were leaving I was able to tackle Bill Janovitz of Buffalo Tom after their performance as he was getting ogled by fans. He’s got excellent fashion sense! That’s Rock and Roll, baby. Check it:

Bill Janovitz

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