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Random thoughts…

This is the first blog posting on two subjects: bad ideas that generate revenue for the hometown team (factual) and creative ways for the Sox to increase revenue (fictional).

Fleecing the Nation: Sorry guys but a DVD of the World Series ring ceremony is a freebie you throw in for plucking down a hundred bucks on a Sox sweatshirt. Having Jerry Remy shill it up on NESN along with a free plug for Modell’s is beyond the pale.

Today’s suggested revenue generator: Pay-phones to call the bullpen. Tony LaRussa ushered in the age of the specialist so we suggest making managers pay for what has become the 3 and a half hour game. Additional TV revenue is the big money maker but seeing sweet Lou Pinella rustle up pocket change from his pitching coach or punch in endless numbers for his calling card would add some much needed entertainment while we wait, and wait and wait.

Next week: Bob’s Store hit it off the monster contest or how not to give to your favorite charity.

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