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“We are safe.”

The last day or so these are the words that jump out when reading blogs or news stories with personal accounts from the Gulf Coast. If you’ve been reading or hearing reports from BBC News - the view of this tragedy is more graphic, real and heartbreaking than anything you’re likely to hear from our nation’s news outlets. It’s so grim, so horrific, and on such a gigantic scale that you have to wonder - when and how will this get any better?

We’ve never been to Louisiana but our travels through the south revealed two things that we’ve never forgotten:
1) Even as late as September the heat and humidity is unbearable.
2) The poverty is acute. It’s easy to forget about this in the Northeast and especially Boston.

It’s strange to say, but it’s hard to believe that the Sox games we’ve been watching between news coverage on CNN are even taking place in the same country. We’re grateful to have the games, because the momentary escapes are so welcome, but we can’t help but recognize these pleasant diversions are only games. Life for those in the wake of Katrina is not, and what they have endured is only the beginning of what will likely be a lengthy hardship.

Considering this, we find it impossible to not do something to aid or help in the efforts. Red Sox Nation is everywhere and we know some of our customers are in New Orleans and Mississippi. We are giving what we can, when we can and we hope you will do the same. Here’s a comprehensive list of organizations helping with relief efforts.

Chris and Emily

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