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What’s the Big Deal

You Game?

Deal or No Deal, the game that asks, “Are you greedy, stupid or both?” is far more entertaining when you discover the games within the game.

Game 1: Imagine the contestent as GM for a day. You have 26 players with various salaries that must be purged Florida Marlins style. The banker is the teams owner and will never allow you (the GM) to give players their true value. Now lose and lose without embarassing yourself, ga-head.

Game 2: “Real or Not Real”? Did you guess it? Yes, it involves the Vanna’s each sporting an aluminum briefcase. Your job is to determine if the models are enhanced or not enhanced as the decolletages aid and assist you with your decision. Sample Vanna: Not Real (View)

Why do I watch? For the contestents of course. DID YOU NOT SEE THE HUMAN WATER SPRINKLER? He will be spraying and spritzing strangers for years to come. If only he could be transported back to 1980 and the set of the kindler and gentler Card Sharks. Good luck Human Sprinkler Man, maybe your act of suburban yard care will help people forget that you watered away $125K and slumped away with pennies on the dollar.

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