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Open Letter to NESN - Advertising Department

RE: The Foxwoods Leprechaun Ad

Please. Please make it stop! I’m begging you. It was fine for St. Patrick’s Day, and I even understood the week or so after, but my God, people - it makes me run screaming from the room when there is a break during the Red Sox games.

Leprechauns are lucky or something, right? And you need luck at Foxwoods. OK. I get that part. Point taken. But must you play this ad during EVERY SINGLE COMMERCIAL BREAK??!!?? Not only do I have the jingle running incessantly in my head, it’s the small green men who are singing it with their shrill voices.

I know I speak for many when I say that the original ad, sans leprechauns, was infectious enough. This one is on a whole new level. One where I need to squeeze my eyes shut, promptly stick my fingers in my ears and scream, “LALALALALALALALALALA” for 30 seconds to counter the effect.

Please, on this most momentous of days for all of us in Red Sox Nation, please make the pain go away…

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